Introduction to IBM Cloud Code Engine

IBM Cloud Code Engine is a fully managed, serverless platform that hosts all of your cloud-native containerized workloads. The user experience is developer-centric and designed so that you focus on writing code instead of dealing with the underlying infrastructure and its security.

Now generally available, IBM Cloud Code Engine supports two kinds of workloads:

  • Interactive and HTTP-driven web applications or microservices.
  • Batch jobs that run a one-time task.

It supports developers by providing either a containerized workload or your source code, which is then built into a container image for you. You can build images by using either the traditional Dockerfile build mechanism or Paketo Cloud Native Buildpacks. By leveraging the buildpacks, you are freed from the responsibility to continuously find and fix container image vulnerability issues yourself. And you can integrate with event producers with IBM Cloud Code Engine eventing.

In this series, learn about the capabilities that IBM Cloud Code Engine provides to run your workloads and then register [register] to try it yourself.