In the previous learning path, IoT 101: Getting started with IoT development, you got an overview of the concepts and skills that IoT developers need. In this IoT 201 learning path, you'll dig deeper into the skills you need to develop innovative IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things is more than a technological trend, it is a technological revolution. By embedding sensors in everyday things, connecting them, and applying analytics to the data they collect, the objects around us become smarter. To be a part of this technological revolution, you’ll need to explore the architectures, designs, and development best practices of more complex IoT solutions.

In this IoT 201 learning path, you'll explore IoT developer kits and IoT architectures. Then, you discover lessons learned in developing connected cities, an ultimate large-scale IoT project. Finally, it culminates in a video-based tutorial where you get to build your next IoT project — a healthy habits tracker.