Learning Path: Kubernetes


If you’re new to Kubernetes and container orchestration and want to begin learning about it, this learning path covers everything from basic prerequisites to more advanced skills needed for containerization.


Upon completion of this learning path, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of containers.
  • Build containerized applications and deploy them on Kubernetes.
  • Understand the advantages of a deployment that uses Helm charts with Kubernetes.
  • Understand basic networking for applications that are running in Kubernetes
  • Debug and get logs from your Kubernetes applications.
  • Download and install an Istio service mesh.
  • Prioritize security when modernizing your applications.


This learning path is for the beginning Kubernetes developer. However, you do need a basic understanding of Linux, YAML, and command lines.

Skill level

The skill level of this learning path is for a beginner.

Estimated time to complete

It will take you approximately 13 hours to complete this entire learning path.


The following items make up this learning path:

Kubernetes prerequisite knowledge

Containers: The start of a movement

  • What are containers and how do they work?

    An introductory video to why containers are a great way to package your cloud-native applications.

  • Docker 101

    Labs that introduce you to containers and Docker. Learn how to run your first container, add value with custom images, and manage data in containers.

Kubernetes: Enterprise container orchestration

Containerizing your applications

  • Containerization: Starting with Docker

    An introduction to Docker commands, Dockerfiles, and using Docker with container registries.

  • Kubernetes 101

    Labs designed to help you achieve an understanding of Kubernetes and how to use Docker containers on Kubernetes in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Application management in Kubernetes

  • Helm 101

    Introductory labs to help you understand the Kubernetes application package manager.

Deploying applications to Kubernetes

Debugging and logging your Kubernetes application

Kubernetes networking and services

Advanced networking: Istio

Securing your workloads

Suggested next steps

After you complete this Kubernetes learning path, take your skill building to the next level with the following suggestions: