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Microsurvival: Container basics

This blog series gives advice for a young app who is trying to grow. Appy and his parents, Dev and Ops, learn about microservices, containers, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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    Microsurvival, part 1: The new Jenga

    Dev works in a different environment than Ops, and they're used to following their own processes to achieve their own goals. And of course, neither of them want you to have to call you back home to help you deal with an issue that might affect other aspects of your…

  • Blog Post
    Microsurvival Part 2: Divide and containerize

    Appy, a young application trying to grow, gets further lessons in isolation, namespaces, and control groups that can help him and his parents as he ventures out into the world.

  • Blog Post
    Microsurvival Part 3: Hello Docker

    Appy's parent, Dev, receives tips on how to work with Docker and Dockerfiles, including building and running images.

  • Blog Post
    Microsurvival Part 4: On to Kubernetes

    Young Appy gains a better understanding of Kubernetes capabilities and architecture.