IBM and Coursera are excited to launch a series of high-impact entrepreneur and web development opportunities for qualified Indian startups to build and bring a solution to market.

IBM and Coursera, the largest open online education provider, are excited to announce an exciting¬ joint path for high potential Indian incorporated startups to access a range of IBM Cloud technologies, support and programs, while completing the Coursera Full Stack Web Development Specialization presented by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Twenty students who complete the specialization, and meet IBM criteria, will be accepted into the IBM Global Entrepreneur program where they will each be provided with up to $120,000 USD in IBM Cloud credit.
All students enrolled in the specialization will be personally invited to apply to pitch their startup at an IBM SmartCamp 2016, a mentoring bootcamp and pitch competition between rising startups from around the globe.

This joint opportunity offers three powerful ways for startups to grow with the support of Coursera, IBM and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Qualified startups will build a solution in their capstone project and bring it to market with IBM. Upon completion of the course, startups will be ready to bring their capstone solutions to market through the IBM Global Entrepreneur program.

Coursera’s Full Stack Web Development Specialization will well prepare startups to design and manage mobile and web applications running in a hybrid cloud environment. Startups who are interested in applying for this opportunity, must meet the following qualifications:

  • Enroll in the Coursera specialization course and complete all five Full Stack Web Development Specialization courses in the suggested order
  • Develop the specialization’s capstone project using IBM Bluemix.* Upon successful completion of the specialization students will receive information about how to join the IBM Global Entrepreneur program
  • To enter, startups must be incorporated in India and meet the IBM Global Entrepreneur qualifications

*IBM is providing students enrolled in the capstone course with the opportunity to receive no charge extended access to the IBM Bluemix trial. Students must request and redeem a Bluemix promotion code to validate their participation.

More details:

The twenty finalists invited to participate in IBM Global Entrepreneur and IBM SmartCamp will be select by representatives from IBM and the course instructor. Selected participants will be contacted by IBM.

Terms and conditions for participation in IBM Global Entrepreneur.

IBM has also teamed with Coursera to launch and expand the company’s first-ever enterprise-backed course, A Developer’s Guide to IoT. IBM and Coursera first introduced the Bluemix-based course in the U.S. in April 2016 and have now expanded it to additional countries, including India. Over 6,500 global students are already enrolled.

Initiatives to advance developer skills in collaboration with Coursera.
Initiatives to advance developer skills in collaboration with Coursera.