What is A.I. really about, you say?

Artificial Intelligence is both the theory and development of computer systems that typically would require human intelligence. Today, the term A.I. is also a buzz word for anything that contains technology achieving intelligent systems. ‘Cognitive’ technologies — designed to simulate human thought — are organized into Cognitive Systems. They make use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to enable humans to interact more naturally with machines, with the aim of enhancing and scaling human expertise.

Today, startups are maximizing the potential of a variety of cognitive technologies like machine learning or speech recognition to offer us, as their target audience, a new set of services designed to streamline our lives. Here are two startups who are unleashing the power of cognitive computing through one simple, single messaging screen.

Magic+ and Operator are two startups that are able to deliver a new user experience by interacting with their users through a single messaging screen, giving users the feeling of engaging with a personal assistant rather than just a ‘regular’ app. With Magic+, you can text a phone number to receive a super-human assistant at the rate of $100 per hour. With Operator, your next shopping experience, similarly, starts with a single text.

These startups were built using cognitive conversation functionality. Have a look at Watson’s Application Starter Kit for a Conversational Agent


Through the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program qualified startups can receive up to $120K in Cloud Credits for up to a year to access Watson Services including: the full suite of speech, vision, and data APIs, plus developer’s tools, demos, and documents.

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