If you have been following along with the IBM SmartCamp story, I am happy to share with you a list of this year’s SmartCamp semi-finalists, who have competed in cities around the world after working with the IBM team and local experts to refine their startup solutions.

If you haven’t been following the story, you can get caught up by reading my first blog post which explores how entering a pitch competition like IBM SmartCamp can put your startup on the fast track to growth.



Two companies were winners in Montevideo, Uruguay including T2VOICE, who has created a new form of communication which allows you to send text messages that convert to voice messages and vice versa. The second company is Krowth, who is working to enable companies and startups to finance their growth based on based on their own credits system without spending cash.


The Wilmington, North Carolina city winner, Petrics is working hard to keep health in check for pets. Their solution monitors pet health and regulates meal time for multiple pets if needed.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles Rufus Labs is the city winner for building their industrial strength workforce wearable device, the Rufus Cuff. With a 3.2-inch wide screen, rugged design, and reimagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff brings a hands-free, wearable, platform to enterprise.


SolarChange is a web & mobile platform based on Blockchain technology that incentivizes and enhances the use of solar energy. By registration to SolarChange platform, solar energy producers receive SolarCoin – a financial reward that is coupled to the production of clean solar energy. In addition, SolarChange is the base for smart solar energy data. Providing verified, multi-sourced, smart insights and predictions, for a variety of applications: from residential energy efficiency, to grid-scale energy management.

StepInside teleports real people with live 3D video into virtual & mixed reality. It works with consumer-grade VR glasses and a simple 3D camera, and is based on unique computer vision and volumetric video algorithms.



Flock is an artificial intelligence platform that uses Big Data to make drones safer and smarter in urban environments.

Aid:Tech uses Blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the distribution of resources by governments, NGO’s and charities.


Oxyent Technologies is an Indian company specializing in software product development & services. They are exclusive software development partner of StoneOne AG.


New York

Outernets was the judges choice in New York. The solution empowers retailers to utilize video, interactive catalogs, and dynamic, user-controlled experiences to effectively engage the public and convert foot traffic into sales by transforming storefront window displays. By integrating real-time analytics of consumer engagement, the platform delivers insight into customer journeys and redefines the concept of “The Store.”

Dronesmith was the audience choice in New York. The company’s open platform and powerful cloud APIs enable developers to build, ship, and run drone applications on multiple devices in the cloud.

San Francisco

Legal Robot is an artifical intelligence startup that uses artificial intelligence to make legal documents more secure and streamlined for everyone.


In addition to these local competitions, the IBM Global Entrepreneur team has also selected six companies to mentor and send to San Francisco’s LAUNCH Scale event in November.


Mecasei is changing the wedding market in Brazil. And with Meeka, a wedding assistant as-an-app, it wants to change the wedding market globally. Meeka enables users to accomplish complex wedding tasks using natural language, including finding vendors, staying on budget, and completing tasks on time. Meeka is by the couple’s side through the whole planning process.

MedAware harnesses patterns from thousands of physicians treating millions of patients to identify and alert on prescription errors in real-time. The self-learning, self-adaptive system dramatically reduces healthcare costs while improving patient safety, outcomes, and experience. Their flagship product is the first in a suite of decision support solutions that transforms real physician practice data into actionable knowledge for the payer, provider, and consumer markets.

IQP enables anyone to quickly and easily create IoT-ready Apps – from end-users to sophisticated programmers, using a web-based visual programming interface. IQP Apps run as web applications on any Mobile Phones, Tablets or PCs.

ShieldSquare helps online businesses differentiate between human and non-human (bot) traffic on websites and mobile applications. With ShieldSquare’s real-time protection, online businesses can protect themselves against web scraping, form spam and various kinds of bot abuses.

uHoo is dedicated to providing people with technology to understand the air they breathe and empower them with knowledge to create a healthier home and office environment.

Zuznow uses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the development of mobile apps for customers and employees on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. The company helps enterprises who will not compromise on their mobile experience to deploy a premium omni-channel solution with speed and scalability not humanly possible.

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