With just thirty-three percent of voters showing up to vote in the 2014 US election – long lines, work schedules and complicated registration processes can make casting a vote highly inconvenient. A new technology could be the answer to the voter turnout dilemma.

Boston based Voatz is piloting their Blockchain solution which aims to make casting a vote as simple as using your Internet banking app on a smartphone.

According to Voatz’s co-founder, Nimit Sawhney, there have been many attempts to make Internet based voting systems mainstream, but failed for only considering one core area necessary for success.
Voatz’s solution focuses on not one, but four core areas of success, including: mobile-focused security, voter anonymity, verifiability, and irrefutability by utilizing a secured smartphone, a multi-source ID verification process, advanced biometrics, and Blockchain based irrefutability.

To gain a better understanding of how voting with Voatz would work, take a look at these graphics to see the flow of a Voatz vote.



It can take anywhere from a minute to twenty-four hours for the identity and eligibility of a voter to be confirmed, and up to two weeks to become a certified miner on the Voatz Blockchain.

The Voatz platform was recently benchmarked to support a minimum of one million votes per second.

Voatz was recently featured by the Inc. Magazine and the winner of the 2014 SXSW hackathon, a BBVA Open Talent Finalist and a Cult Favorite Award winner at the MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight in Cambridge.

On election day, Voatz will be conducting an exit poll that you can participate in after you vote. You can request an invite via voatz.com.

Best of luck in your voting today.

Voatz is a member of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program for startups, providing a global network of startup support to drive innovation worldwide: developer.ibm.com/startups.

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