Chatbots, Internet of Things, AI…there is a lot to be excited about with what lies ahead this year in technology. Here at IBM we are even looking at what to be excited about in the next five years, and recently revealed some new research highlighting five innovations that we think will help change lives within the next five years.

Speaking of innovations, it’s easy to make predictions about what may lie ahead with research, but it’s up to our clients to be the real change makers who lead the way as we support them with the right tools, resources and opportunities.

Just a couple of short months ago, IBM selected several promising startups to send to San Francisco to attend LAUNCH Scale, where they took part in deep-dive business growth sessions with successful founders and experts from unicorns, accelerators and massive tech companies.

Their travels to San Francisco came to be after being selected as part of IBM and LAUNCH Incubator’s collaborative SmartCamp Build competition.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with three of these promising companies to learn how they are using technology in a way you may not have heard of yet. Take a look…

How chat bots are transforming the wedding industry with Daniel Tamiosso, Co-Founder and CTO at

How IOT sensors are being used to improve air quality with Dustin Onghanse, CEO and Co-Founder at uHoo.

The future of Artifical Intelligence with Chen Levkovich, Founder and CEO at Zuznow.

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