Today at IBM, I am excited to introduce you to Canadian Blockchain startup, and IBM SmartCamp finalist, Nuco. Nuco is one of ten semi-finalists who will pitch live on stage at LAUNCH festival, and compete for the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the year award. They could also potentially receive a twenty-five thousand dollar investment from Jason Calacanis, and a spot in his LAUNCH Incubator program.

When it comes to the future of digital infrastructure, Nuco is one of the Blockchain startups out there who knows how to lead the way. Based in Toronto, Nuco is made up of a small, agile and dedicated team who all have a proven track record of success for project delivery. Nuco’s co-founders have lead a multitude of Blockchain projects in financial services and healthcare, and have the clear vision of a global company powering the Blockchain revolution.

Nuco has been working hard to develop production-ready Blockchain networks that can power decentralized enterprise software seamlessly. Nuco’s Blockchain networks are general purpose in design, and utilize smart contracts to accommodate a wide array of use cases such as: insurance claims management, and trade finance.

“We’ve built an enterprise grade Blockchain infrastructure, focused on production-readiness: security, performance, and scalability,” said the team’s co-founder.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 3.01.36 PM

The Nuco platform consists of Blockchain architecture, and a growing ecosystem of tools and services that enable enterprises to develop and manage applications. Nuco has the capability to power decentralized applications on a network tailored to the specific needs of an industry, and use case.

Nuco has tapped into the new IBM Blockchain ecosystem, joining a community of business leaders and developers who are embracing the opportunity to receive special benefits and perks to accelerate their Blockchain ventures.

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