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Three IBM startups to watch in 2017

Chatbots, Internet of Things, AI…there is a lot to be excited about with what lies ahead this year in technology. Here at IBM we are...

Voatz is using Blockchain technology to help you conveniently and securely cast your vote

With just thirty-three percent of voters showing up to vote in the 2014 US election – long lines, work schedules and complicated registration processes can...

Meet the inspiring startups paving the way for innovation with IBM SmartCamp

If you have been following along with the IBM SmartCamp story, I am happy to share with you a list of this year’s SmartCamp semi-finalists,...

Water experts and software developers hack the future of water

Winning application built to protect the St. Lawrence River announced at #AquaHacking Summit. If software is eating the world surely it must also be able...

IBM SmartCamp: How one finalist plans to use Watson to advance the attorney client relationship

You may have heard the news about IBM SmartCamp, the multi-city competition between rising technology startups from around the world. If not, take a look...

IBM SmartCamp Finalist – Lawbooth

Lawbooth is the intelligent marketplace for attorneys, connecting clients and attorneys online in the Cloud.

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