What is IBM Global Entrepreneur?

IBM Global Entrepreneur supports entrepreneurs through the building and scaling of their businesses on IBM Cloud technology through a range of benefits and support aimed to connect startups to IBM’s ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.

What benefits are included in membership?

After evaluation, you will be awarded either $1000 in monthly credits or $10,000 in monthly credits. You will also receive discounts for legal services, marketing support and travel, access to IBM digital communities for business and development support, potential IBM social media and marketing support, introductions, networking opportunities, pitch competitions, one-on-one support and beyond.

Does my startup have to be in a certain location to join?

Members can join from any location in the world where Bluemix is offered.

What is the process for joining the program?

Startups should submit an application for IBM Global Entrepreneur. The application will be reviewed by IBM and you will receive a decision by way of email with benefit access information.

How do I know if my startup is eligible

To qualify for IBM Global Entrepreneur your company must have been founded or incorporated within the last five years. Your company must have less than one million in revenue during the twelve months preceding the application and must not have been a paying customer of any of the covered IBM Cloud services prior to the application. To be eligible for participation at the US ten thousand dollar per month level, you must be working with an approved entrepreneurial community partner (such as a venture capital firm, accelerator, or incubator). IBM reserves the right to prioritize acceptance based on additional criteria.

If I have questions about my application, who do I contact?

If you have not yet heard back from a member of the IBM Global Entrepreneur team, please send an email to ibmge@us.ibm.com with your question.

Why am I being asked to provide my credit card information in the application?

The application asks for your credit card information for identification verification. This process is designed to ensure sure that the information put into the form is accurate. Your card will be charged twenty-five cents and will be reimbursed.

When and how will I be informed of my acceptance into IBM Global Entrepreneur?

If an organization meets the necessary criteria, IBM will send an email advising you that you have been accepted.

For a complete list of Global Entrepreneur questions and requirements, please click here.