IBM Spectrum Storage Suite is the industry’s most flexible and complete Software Defined Storage offering. One simple license priced by usable physical TBs and you get access to IBM’s portfolio of Software Defined Storage products to deploy on those TBs. IBM Spectrum Storage suite entitles you to use any of the following products :

* IBM Spectrum Accelerate – Software defined grid-scale hybrid cloud block storage

* IBM Spectrum Scale – Software defined hybrid cloud file storage

* IBM Cloud Object Storage – Software defined object storage for hybrid clouds

* IBM Spectrum Virtualize – Software defined block storage virtualization

* IBM Spectrum Protect – Comprehensive hybrid cloud data protection

* IBM Spectrum Archive – Easy to use active archive to tape

* IBM Spectrum Control – Centralized storage and data management

Flexibly deploy any combination of these products on your Spectrum Storage Suite TBs.

What is new with Spectrum Storage Suite 1.0.1?

We announced IBM Spectrum Storage Suite 1.0.1 in December 2016. In the announcement, we added two new members products in the suite without changing the $/TB price. The new additions are IBM Cloud Object Storage software and IBM Spectrum Virtualize software (previously, IBM Spectrum Virtualize software was available in the suite but only for IBM SAN Volume Controller hardware).

IBM Cloud Object Storage enables you to store petabytes to exabytes of unstructured data on IBM Cloud Object Storage systems or industry-standard servers to create a software-defined object storage solution.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software is a new addition to the IBM Spectrum Virtualize family that enables you to deploy our leading storage virtualization software on supported x86 industry standard servers.

Hybrid cloud with IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

You’re probably thinking about your hybrid cloud strategy or you are on your way to implementing it. IBM Spectrum Storage Suite can help in two ways –

First, you can deploy our software defined storage products on public clouds directly for your cloud bursting needs. You can deploy IBM Spectrum Accelerate, IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Protect on supported cloud platforms using the “bring your own license” (BYOL) model.

Second, you have flexibility to use public cloud storage as an extension of on-premises deployments of our software defined storage offerings. With transparent cloud tiering capability in IBM Spectrum Scale, you can define policies to tier data in IBM Spectrum Scale to cloud storage and to share data between cloud applications and IBM Spectrum Scale applications. With transparent cloud tiering in IBM Spectrum Virtualize, you can leverage cloud storage to store and restore snapshots. Similarly, IBM Spectrum Protect can backup/archive “from” as well as “to” cloud. And IBM Spectrum Accelerate also can move / store volumes to supported cloud infrastructures.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software also provides more flexibility in hybrid cloud deployments. It optimizes underlying storage infrastructure (on-premises or at a service provider). More significantly, service providers can use IBM Spectrum Virtualize software as the basis for new services such as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The ability of IBM Spectrum Virtualize to support over 400 storage systems from IBM and others enables great flexibility in these services.

Note – For exact support matrix on supported public cloud platforms, please refer to individual product documentation.

To find out more about IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, visit our website.

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