This month we (IBM Spectrum Scale) announced our partnership with Hortonworks who are among the leading companies that help derive actionable intelligence with connected data platforms. IBM Spectrum Scale is a known and leading storage platform with characteristics of being scalable, performance savvy, software defined, enabled for hybrid cloud, support for unified protocols and more importantly being an optimal platform for Big Data and Analytics workloads (like Hadoop & Spark). Running your analytics workloads with Hortonworks and IBM Spectrum Scale / IBM Elastic Storage Server is like bringing the best of two worlds together. Businesses will be able to do in-place analytics of their unstructured data (be it file or object) and derive early business insights with better storage efficiencies. There is no more a need to create separate storage clusters for analytics, as Spectrum Scale provides a unified file and object storage with direct Hadoop compatibility that will be enabled with Hortonworks capabilities. Below are couple of reference news article for more insights.

IBM Press Release:

“The partnership will see the two tech giants offer the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) and IBM Spectrum Scale. This means that IBM clients will now be able to run Hadoop analytics directly on IBM Storage without needing isolated analytics storage silos.”
– Computer Business Review

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