When you log on to the IBM Spectrum Control GUI, go to Home > System Management page to see an overview of IBM Spectrum Control, V5.2.14 system status, that can be used to troubleshoot any performance problems you might have. If you are unable to resolve the problem, click Get Support, enter a PMR number, an email address, and click Collect and Upload Log to automatically start the transfer.

Uploading the logs to IBM Software Support is now just a click away!

When the IBM Spectrum Control component servers are running, they write trace information to log files. From the System Management page, you can save log files. When you save log files, IBM Spectrum Control packages the log files from all the component servers into a single compressed file that you can send to IBM Software Support.

Note: Only one version of the log file package is retained at a time. When you create a new package, the previous package is overwritten.

It can take 20 minutes or longer for IBM Spectrum Control to generate and package the log files. You can do other work or log out of IBM Spectrum Control while the package is being created. When the process completes, you can download the package by clicking the provided link on the System Management page.

For more information on IBM Spectrum Control, click the following link:
IBM Spectrum Control – IBM Knowledge Center

See Contacting IBM Support

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