Cool Things to do with Transparent Cloud Tiering on Spectrum Scale

Spectrum Scale Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) enables usage of cloud object storage (public, private or on-premises) as a secure, reliable, transparent storage tier natively integrated with Spectrum Scale. It leverages the existing ILM policy language semantics available in IBM Spectrum Scale, allowing administrators to define policies for tiering data to a cloud object storage such as IBM Cloud Object Storage (Cleversafe), AWS S3, OpenStack Swift.

More information about TCT can be found in the Transparent Cloud Tiering Wiki

In this blog, let’s us look at five lesser known things of Transparent Cloud Tiering.

    1. Import/Export

Cloud data sharing allows for movement of data between object storage and IBM Spectrum Scale storage:

a. Move data from IBM Spectrum Scale to cloud storage: Export data to cloud storage by setting up ILM policies that trigger the movement of files from IBM Spectrum Scale to cloud object storage

b. Move data from cloud storage to IBM Spectrum Scale: Import data from cloud storage from a list of objects.

More details can be found in the Redpaper

    2. Thumbnail support

If you have images (JPEG, PNG for example), then the thumbnail support can be enabled on the TCT to keep the initial few KBs of file (say 4KB) which can inturn help ensure thumbails are visible to the remote clients (using NFS, SMB).  Thumbnails make it easy for users to visually recognize the files that they want to open and opening a file from a remote client will transparently recall the file. 

More details at

    3. Restoring the files after the accidental file deletion

If a file is accidently deleted by the user, TCT allows you to restore the files from the cloud tier.   The ‘mmcloudgateway files restore’ command can be used to restore the deleted files.  Note, this feature will work only if the file(s) have been previousy tiered to the cloud tier.

More details at

    4. Multiple file systems

If you have more than one file systems, TCT allows you to create nodegroups and associate it with different file systems.This provides clear separation of cloud tiering services, dedicated performance and easier management.

    5. WORM (Write Once – Read Many)

If you have IBM Cloud Object Storage (Cleversafe) and if you want to leverage the object storage to store WORM data, then TCT provides a mode where WORM can be configured using Spectrum Scale immutable file sets and locked vaults.TCT WORM compliance with SEC 17-A has not yet been certified, but is designed so that configuration can meet the requirements of that standard.

More details on the WORM support can be found at


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