Imagine the future – where data centers are secure, Storage Microcode is monitored and updated remotely. IBM is at the center of this future and your purchase of the DS8880 has made this a reality, one that you can take advantage of now! IBM Remote Code Load (RCL) is a game changer, with its ability to securely download Microcode and perform Concurrent Code Loads with speed and ease.
With IBM’s Remote Code Load (RCL) feature now supported on DS8870s and DS8880s, you can rest assured that IBM is helping you maintain your storage systems with the most secure and most reliable microcode available. RCL is the process of having IBM support personnel securely connect to the DS8000 using existing processes and protocols in your control, to update the microcode on the storage system.
This means no more need to manage a service representative on the data center floor, and no more need to manage DVDs with the various firmware levels.


IBM understands the important resource that is your data, and how critical maintaining security to that resource is. That’s why when we dial in to your machine we use existing, well established methods that use secure sockets and a challenge response system preventing others from connecting to your machine and ensuring only approved IBM support experts can get in. That system is controlled by you, and you specify when and for how long the connection is established. This ensures even when IBM dials in, it is under your time frame and during the appropriate service window that you set up.
Another security feature of RCL, is that the code that is remotely downloaded to your machine is pulled down as part of a response initiated from the HMC attached to the machine. The HMC never accepts a communication socket be opened when initiated from outside. The code is pulled from the HMC and not pushed. The code resides in Fix Central and is transmitted over secure sockets on the existing Call Home protocols. This means that if Call Home is configured and enabled on your DS8880, Remote Code Load is supported. Only code that is entitled to your machine can be downloaded from Fix Central to further reduce risk and strengthen security.

RCL is done by a team of expert storage support personnel. If anything unforeseen happens during the process, support is already engaged to quickly resolve the issue. This reduces delays that can occur when the unexpected does occur. IBM support personnel can use either AOS or RSC to dial in to your system and execute the remote code load process.
There is no need to authorize IBM onsite access to your data center, or shadow an SSR during a code load. There are obviously times when physical hardware needs to be installed or serviced, but when it comes to updating code levels there is no reason to have someone physically there. RCL will save you time and money.


The update process in summary does the following:
1. Support dials in and installs code to enable Remote Code Load. This is only done if the machine is at older levels of code that do not currently have supporting code installed.
2. Support sends a request to Fix Central to download the specified code bundle.
3. Support initiates the pre-load, distribute, and activate using existing code update infrastructure.
4. Support downloads from Fix Central, and installs any ICS images that contain necessary fixes or unique features your environment requires.
5. Support runs final checks to ensure the system state is healthy and no issues are present.


• All models and code levels of the DS8880 are supported. DS8870s are supported at code levels of or higher.
• Existing warranty and maintenance agreements support Remote Code Load.
• Both AOS and RSC are supported as the remote log in tool.
• The code can be acquired on the machine, and pre-load completed prior to the service window if desired.
• SSRs are promptly dispatched in the event a hardware issue is found.


• Call Home enabled.
• Port 80 can be configured for faster download speeds (optional).

What’s Next?

With IBM the future is now. Let RCL provide a secure, quick, and seamless solution that keeps your DS8000s running at optimum code levels. Make your Enterprise Storage management easier with IBM’s RCL.

Contact your Technical Advisor today to schedule a Remote Code Load.
Learn about the IBM DS8880 family and the IBM Spectrum Control Storage Inisghts.

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