Genomics data becomes a critical source for precision medicine, it is expected to create an expanding data ecosystem. Healthcare and life sciences organizations that are running data-intensive
genomics workloads on an IT infrastructure that lacks scalability, f lexibil-ity, performance, management and cognitive capabilities will need to modernize and transform their infrastructure to support current and future requirements. IBM offers an integrated solution for genomics based on composable infrastructure—a model where compute, storage and network are treated as well-defined services. This solution enables administrators to build an IT environment in a way that disaggregates the underlying compute, storage, and network resources. IBM
has developed a consumable, easy-to- deploy solution for genomics workloads based on the principles of composable infrastructure. IBM Spectrum Scale is a leading software-defined storage system specifically designed to excel with such workloads due to its scalability and performance characteristics. Additionally, IBM Spectrum Scale enables f lexible deployment options for genomics workloads allowing organizations to start small and scale out quickly based on needs.

To know more of this solution , here is a succinct solution brief of the offering:

Accelerating discovery at a lower cost in genomics medicine
Deeper, faster insights with composable building blocks based on IBM Spectrum Scale,

For detail of the solution and implementation , here is a redpaper from development :

IBM Redpaper: IBM Spectrum Scale Best Practices for Genomics Medicine Workloads:

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