Healthcare is moving from disconnected services to value-based care and becoming more collaborative, data-driven and patient-centered. At the core of this transformation is the ability of organizations to unleash the power of the tremendous amounts of data that are available. To take full advantage of new opportunities healthcare and life sciences organizations will need to implement a flexible, scalable, cost effective and high-performance data architecture as a foundation that will allow them to quickly turn massive data sets into medically actionable insights.
In an industry like healthcare, application performance is crucial. The need to provide physicians fast access to real-time medical images and health records puts enormous pressure on IT to have in place a solid infrastructure that will allow physicians to access patient data
anytime, anywhere, securely, on any device.

IBM FlashSystem delivers high levels of performance and enables faster time to insights to help physicians make informed clinical decisions, which may allow them to spend more time where they are needed most – with their patients.
A wide range of use cases and applications across the healthcare environment benefit from FlashSystem and have shown significant improvement in response times of Electronic Health Records (EHR), increase in batch processing of big data and analytics applications, better TCO for Medical Imaging Systems, reduction in power consumption, reduction in rack space and more.

To learn about the performance and efficiencies IBM FlashSystem can bring within a modern Software-Defined Infrastructure environment, listen to our webcast:
Accelerate Electronic Health Records Workloads with High-Performance Systems
In this webcast Cheryl Parker, Global ISV Business Development Healthcare and Digital Video – IBM Systems, will discuss the storage capabilities that are needed to support demanding requirements for application performance and data optimization. The presentation includes examples of how leading healthcare institutions are benefiting from a powerful and efficient data architecture that increases speed to insights and reduce costs.

Speed, Scale, and Performance for Healthcare: IBM FlashSystem

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