This week, IBM Storage is introducing a new Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based storage management and support platform called IBM Storage Insights. The new initiative involves exciting innovations, significant investments and even AI, but most importantly – the opportunity to build smarter and better relationships between you and IBM.

IBM Storage Insights is a member of the market-leading IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined storage (SDS) solutions.[1] IBM Storage Insights provides key capabilities for IBM Storage customers designed to enhance your experience and your relationship with IBM, including:
• A single dashboard so you can see the status of your IBM block storage at a glance
• Trend information about capacity and performance so you can make more informed decisions to help improve application performance and can help cut your costs
• Storage health information that can bring your configuration in line with IBM best practices for storage
• AI-based proactive support from IBM specialists to help optimize your configuration and can help prevent outages before they occur
• When support is needed, the ability to open a ticket, automatically upload log information, and view open tickets
• Detailed configuration data available to IBM specialists to help resolve issues

Delivered as a service from IBM Cloud at no charge for users of IBM block storage, IBM Storage Insights requires no ongoing software maintenance. Also available—as an upgrade—is IBM Storage Insights Pro, a subscription that provides more detailed information, longer history, and additional capabilities such as departmental-level reporting.

“Evaluator Group believes that the technology advance of using telemetry data from storage systems and Software as a Service analytics transforms how storage will be managed in the future,” said Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist and Analyst, Evaluator Group. “IBM Storage Insights delivers on the analytics for improved resiliency of storage and provides necessary storage resource management information. IBM Storage Insights should be utilized by enterprises for simplifying and improving their storage management operations.”

In today’s world, sophisticated buyers don’t simply want to purchase a “product”; they want to build trusted relationships with the providers of the solutions, technologies and tools that help them thrive. In some cases, this relationship becomes the primary reason to purchase goods and services from particular vendors. IBM developed Storage Insights to enable a deeper relationship with IBM Storage customers that extends beyond our storage solutions all the way to smarter and responsive customer support. IBM Business Partners certainly recognize the value of this approach:

“IBM Storage Insights collects performance and configuration metadata from all your devices and presents it in a single pane of glass,” says Chris Aveta, Director, Platform Services Group, Micro Strategies. “As a cloud service, there is no on-site implementation and deployment takes about 10 minutes. The solution allows you to monitor capacity and performance, with alerts when usage reaches user-defined limits. The dashboard includes reports to show current storage status as graphics, trends, and statistics. The ability to glance at the dashboard to check on capacity, broken down between applications and departments, makes life immeasurably easier.”

IBM Storage Insights isn’t simply a system that collects configuration and performance data, it also provides a vast range of storage system information that is collected and analyzed by IBM support professionals. Plus, IBM Watson and analytics tools from IBM Research—to assess your overall environment, helps ensure you are running your systems using IBM best practices, helps you maximize performance and availability. IBM will also review relevant information from your system to help alert you to potential storage system issues before they become problems.

Data security has been an important objective for IBM Storage Insights from the beginning. Communication is one way only and secured to the IBM Cloud via HTTPS. At rest in the IBM Cloud, metadata is isolated and protected with AES 256-bit encryption in your own unique data store. A separate “data lake” of anonymized customer metadata is created from which IBM will derive best practices. And the IBM Cloud platform is certified to ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standards.

Get visibility, insight, and control over your storage environment and potentially cutting your costs while driving better application and workload SLA’s. Build stronger and closer relationships with your technology providers. These are exactly the things that IBM Storage Insights is designed to enable. So that you can keep your full attention on the most important thing – your business.

Click here to learn more about IBM Storage Insights.

For complete information about the IBM Storage announcements on May 10, see our blog.

[1] IDC Worldwide Storage Software and Cloud Services QView, 4Q17 (8 March 2018). Dell Inc. and IBM were statistically tied in worldwide storage software market share due to a difference of one percent or less in the share of revenue for calendar 2017.

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