The new IBM FlashSystem 9100 all-flash arrays offer a long list of advantages for your 21st century data driven multi-cloud business. The speed of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) interfaces. The efficiency and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology. The software-defined power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize. The power of AI-embedded predictive analytics and storage management.

But capturing and keeping competitive advantage in the 21st century requires much more than raw speed. IBM research confirms that as of 2016, more than three-quarters of enterprises have deployed some type of cloud computing capabilities[1].

Well-constructed private cloud environments are becoming especially attractive because they offer the benefits of a public cloud, such as rapid deployment, scalability, ease of use, agility, and elasticity, but with greater control, increased performance over traditional infrastructure, predictable costs, tighter security, and flexible management options. Perhaps most importantly, private clouds can be customized to your unique needs and security requirements.

IBM allows you to gain all the advantages of IBM FlashSystem 9100, and, at the same time, use it as the critical foundational technology for building your own powerful private cloud. Then in the bargain, positioning you with what you need to easily extend your private cloud out into a highly functional data driven multi-cloud environment.

This isn’t a dream. This is exactly what you get with the Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution for IBM FlashSystem 9100.

Industry analysts recognize the power of this approach:

“Thanks to the accelerating rate of business change, enterprises now are realizing how dependent their digital success is on advanced storage technologies — especially advanced technologies that can both support new business models and enhance the value of older infrastructure investments so crucial to sustaining traditional business operations.” said Peter Burris, Chief Research Officer of Wikibon/TheCUBE. “Flash storage systems literally are a ‘flash point’ in digital business transformations, enabling unprecedented ‘data-first’ applications like AI, IoT, and exceptional business automation. IBM’s FlashSystem 9100 demonstrates a commitment to NVMe, breakthrough storage virtualization, and cutting-edge storage research that is welcome news to enterprises that need to do more with their data now and in the future.”

IBM FlashSystem 9100 was engineered specifically to leverage the wide-ranging functionality and capabilities of market-leading IBM Spectrum Storage family members. The data services foundation of the new NVMe-optimized systems is built on IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Its capabilities include a powerful set of data services that can be extended to over 440 IBM and non-IBM heterogeneous storage systems; intelligent, automated data movement; synchronous and asynchronous copy services; high availability configurations; AI-based storage tiering; data encryption, and powerful new Data Reduction Pools, among many others.

But IBM Spectrum Virtualize is only the beginning. IBM FlashSystem 9100 storage solutions come with additional IBM Spectrum Storage software-defined components integrated into every baseline configuration, including IBM Spectrum Connect designed to provide leading-edge persistent storage for Docker, Kubernetes and containerized deployments, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based predictive analytics, storage resource management, and support platform Storage Insights. To make it even more attractive, Storage Insights is delivered over a cloud infrastructure.

On top of this foundation, you can deploy additional IBM Spectrum Storage family members to build pre-validated solutions to simplify data reuse and enhance efficiency, expand your business continuity alternatives, and yes, construct and manage your private cloud.

The Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution leverages the capabilities of IBM Spectrum Access and IBM Cloud Private. The solution not only enables simplified deployment of private clouds, it also provides the technology needed to implement container environments (Spectrum Connect), plus the powerful capabilities of IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management (CDM) to give you the agility to easily enable DevOps through template driven automation via API’s.

“With the FlashSystem 9100 IBM has succeeded in engineering must have enterprise storage function and capability our clients are demanding into a single 2U enclosure,” states Michael Symons, CEO of IBM business partner, Sycomp. “NVMe, 3D TLC flash, dedupe, hardware-accelerated compression increases overall performance, storage virtualization to enable cost-effective data center modernization, both private and public cloud capabilities, even container support for Dockers and Kubernetes – it’s all there. FlashSystem 9100 is the complete package our enterprise clients will see as essential to their data driven multi-cloud organizations.”

A key advantage of deploying IBM FlashSystem 9100 with the Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution is the fact that it comes with a low-risk, pre-tested solution blueprint provided by IBM Spectrum Access. It offers the economics and simplicity of the public cloud with the accessibility, virtualization, security, and performance of an on-premises implementation.

Another major element of the solution is IBM Cloud Private, a private cloud platform for developing and running workloads locally. It is designed to enable you to design, develop, deploy, and manage on-premises, containerized cloud applications behind your firewall. It includes the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image repository, a management console, and monitoring frameworks.

Finally, all the added solutions available with IBM FlashSystem 9100 come with IBM Spectrum CDM, a leading-edge suite of copy management services. IBM Spectrum CDM makes copies available to data consumers when and where they need them and allow DevOps, test, and other developers to spin up quickly via templated APIs their own environments without having to wait for the infrastructure team to provide storage. And it’s a powerful adjunct to multi-cloud architectures by positioning you to spin up live application environments that can leverage the less expensive, elastic compute infrastructure in the cloud, then spin them back down reliably, providing the ultimate in agility.

In the past, private cloud may have been complex, expensive, and risky, but IBM FlashSystem 9100 changes all that. The Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution provides what you need to build low risk, high performance, integrated private cloud infrastructure, with the latest in cognitive support services from IBM. This is the solution for businesses that want to be fast – and smart.

To learn more about the today’s announcements, please read the Core of the Data-driven Multi-Cloud Enterprise blog. Watch our on-demand announcement webcast.

[1] Growing up hybrid: Accelerating digital transformation, IBM Center for Applied Insights, 2016

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