According to industry analysts, solutions and technologies that leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to transform enterprise infrastructure and business processes. Within the next three years, nearly half of IT infrastructure may employ some form of AI to improve productivity, manage risks, and drive cost reduction.1

Imagine if your business could gain the advantages and benefits of AI-enhanced infrastructure right now with no added cost or complexities. You can, when you deploy the IBM FlashSystem 9100.

Just announced this week, IBM FlashSystem 9100 combines the performance and efficiency of 64 layer 3D TLC flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology and the rich feature set of IBM Spectrum Virtualize in one powerful new storage platform.

“Any enterprise that intends to thrive in the 21st century is a data-driven, multi-cloud organization. The on-premises or private cloud component is crucial, but it’s not easy to get right,” states Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President, IDC. “New solutions such as the FlashSystem 9100 all-flash arrays just announced by IBM seek to change the paradigm. Now, multi-cloud is how storage natively operates. IBM FlashSystem 9100 is well positioned to serve as a reference design for the future of enterprise data storage.”

AI-based analytics for storage

IBM FlashSystem 9100, along with every other IBM Storage solution, takes advantage of IBM Storage Insights, our enterprise-proven, AI-enhanced, cloud delivered system insights platform designed to help our customers better understand trends in storage capacity and performance, enrich storage resource management, and expedite resolution when support is required. The platform provides proactive best practices and uses AI-based analytics to help optimize storage efficiency.

Storage Insights provides critical capabilities for IBM Storage customers designed to enhance your experience and your relationship with IBM, including:

• A single dashboard that displays the status of all your IBM block storage at a glance

• Trend information about capacity and performance so you can make more informed decisions

• Storage health information to help you bring your configuration in line with best practices

• When support is needed, the ability to easily open a ticket, upload log information, and view open tickets

• Make detailed configuration data available to IBM specialists to help close tickets quickly.

Delivered as a service from IBM Cloud at no charge to IBM storage customers, Storage Insights is quick and easy to set up and requires no ongoing software maintenance.

IBM FlashSystem 9100 with Storage Insights offers many benefits to IBM customers – and significant competitive advantages to our Business Partners as well:

“IBM brings two advantages to every end user – FlashCore technology and market-leading Spectrum Storage software-defined and modern date protection solutions,” declares Bob Elliott, Vice President Storage Sales of IBM business partner Mainline Information Systems. “The FlashSystem family combines both. But the new FlashSystem 9100 arrays also add NVMe, data reduction technologies, AI-enhanced storage analytics, the ability to reuse secondary data for DevOps, and solution blueprints for multi-cloud architectures, just to list a few features. For our clients, the FlashSystem 9100 with its data driven multi-cloud centricity drives competitive advantage.”

Storage Insights isn’t simply a system that collects data. Instead, a wide range of product information is collected and analyzed by IBM support professionals, plus IBM Watson, to assess your overall environment, make sure you are running your systems to help meet industry standards, and help you maximize performance and availability.Data security elements inside of IBM storage insights

Data security has been an important Storage Insights objective from the beginning. Communication is secured to the IBM Cloud via https. At rest in the IBM Cloud, metadata is isolated and encrypted with AES 256-bit in your own data store. A separate “data lake” of anonymized customer metadata is created from which Storage Insights will derive best practices. And the entire process is certified to ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standards.

By itself, IBM FlashSystem 9100 represents a major step ahead in high performance, highly efficient storage for 21st century business. Then add the intelligence, insight, and control over your storage environment offered by Storage Insights, plus all the functionality and capabilities provided by multiple IBM Spectrum Storage family members, and the result may mean not only business advantage – but also transformation.

To learn more about the today’s announcements, please read the Core of the Data-driven Multi-Cloud Enterprise blog. Watch our on-demand announcement webcast.

1 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Enterprise Infrastructure 2018 Predictions, October 2017 IDC #US43137417

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