Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are pretty much a given in enterprises across the world today. In fact, according to IDC, “By 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms — a transition supported by investments to manage resources across platform — with more than one-third of these organizations having established mechanisms to operate their multi-cloud environments”.1 Additionally, “Over the next 12 months, enterprises will see a shift in IT operations spend from on-premises to public cloud, with over 30% of enterprises spending more on public cloud operations than on their other datacenter IT operations combined.”2

“NVMe will bring considerable benefits to organizations as they look to exploit their expanding data assets and turn them into business value. But to do this effectively and efficiently it is essential they understand that the entire system must be designed for high performance and very high resilience and reliability,” stated Tony Lock, Director of Engagement and Distinguished Analyst at Freeform Dynamics, “Storage administrators must be able to trust the NVMe solutions and they acquire and will not expose them to unexpected risk and will perform consistently, whatever they throw at it.”

With an eye toward these current and future trends, the new NVMe-accelerated IBM FlashSystem 9100 is not only a systems platform with 3X faster access than the IBM FlashSystem V70003 access to valuable data, it is a cloud-enabled solution that serves the complementary goals of technology efficiency (desired by IT) and improved business operations (the key need of LOBs) for hybrid cloud environments. Creating a unified and cohesive solution for clients who are on a transformative journey to Multi-cloud environments, IBM Storage has created three fit-for-purpose, easy to use multi-cloud options for clients:

• IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Data Reuse, Protection & Efficiency
• IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Business Continuity & Data Reuse
• IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Private Cloud Flexibility & Data Protection

The three solutions above are carefully architected to combine the power of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud to address the top goals of Hybrid environments today.

Data Reuse, Protection and Efficiency

With validated blueprints that span both on-premises and public cloud deployments, these multi-cloud solutions can be implemented with trust and confidence by IT organizations or channel partners. Improving reliability and availability to data is a key concern for clients embarking on the digital transformation from legacy infrastructure to a more modern environment. IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Data Reuse, Protection & Efficiency can transform your back-up in virtual or physical environments using modern data protection technology, as well as quickly spin-up and spin-down real world environments using IBM Spectrum Protect Plus’ API integration. This works for either on-premises private clouds or deployment in hybrid cloud infrastructures, where secondary copies can reside on a public cloud – managed with one consistent interface. Also, contained in the multi-cloud solution is IBM Spectrum CDM – allowing the reuse of backup and other data copies for – DevOps, Analytics, Reporting or DR.

Improved Availability of Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

We find our clients today are seeking to transform their businesses to take advantage of hybrid cloud. But they are seeking to do so in ways that extends their current legacy technology, and helps solve the pain points of integration and interoperability with their traditional IT environments, as well as Data Availability. IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud software is positioned to help clients both extend their current legacy technology to Hybrid Clouds and Multi-Clouds, as well as address Data Availability needs with near zero RPO/RTO.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud, is software that can be deployed on Public Cloud Infrastructure to help create enterprise-class, virtualized, Cloud Block storage for apps (either virtualized or physical) that are running in the public cloud.4 Through native capabilities in Spectrum Virtualize (both on-premises or in a public cloud) – Synchronous or Asynchronous Mirroring and IP –based replication (without any additional gateways) positions clients to mirror their data AND manage their data across private and public clouds. In the unified offering of IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Business Continuity and Data Reuse, a relationship is enabled between on-premises IBM FlashSystem 9100 running IBM Spectrum Virtualize and an instance of Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on IBM Cloud infrastructure, rented monthly.

Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

This can allow clients to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX budgets by foregoing expensive secondary data center equipment, real-estate, and administration. IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud can enable real-time disaster recovery, data replication and migration between local storage (including 440 storage systems from IBM and other vendors) and the IBM Cloud, and between IBM Cloud data centers.

And like the previous Multi-cloud solution, the data that is replicated to the cloud can also be reused for other purposes through the inclusion of IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management in this hybrid cloud architecture. Clients will be able to get more than just Data Availability in this solution, they will also be able to leverage cloud DR copies for DevOps, Analytics and reporting – fundamental to LOBs that are trying to improve operations and extract the highest value from their data.

Addressing Private Clouds

Private cloud serves as a stepping-stone for customers migrating more secure, mission- critical workloads to the cloud. For some clients, private clouds will continue to house many of their production data. As clients move toward modernizing their IT environments, private clouds for application modernization and agile development also become key. Flexible private cloud infrastructures require a way of easily provisioning, scaling and repurposing resources just like public cloud infrastructures. Following the IBM Spectrum Access blueprint, IBM FlashSystem 9100 Solution for Private Cloud Flexibility & Data Protection provides a Cisco Validated Design architecture to provision IBM FlashSystem 9100 with IBM Cloud Private – a container-based environment for cloud native applications and Microservices. With IBM Spectrum Connect also included in the solution, IBM FlashSystem 9100 is ready to be deployed and provisioned to containerized applications in a private cloud.

deployed and provisioned to containerized applications

In addition, the same concerns for data reliability and availability are addressed with the inclusion of IBM Spectrum CDM for creating and cataloging snapshots of data that can be used for the protection of the IBM Cloud Private data.

Making the Shift

Data is the lifeblood of enterprises. Companies are quickly shifting to a multi-cloud strategy that must consider the management, protection, and availability of data. According to IDC “Organizations’ abilities to master a multi-cloud environment will be a key contributor to the company’s success or failure. The ability to integrate and manage multi-cloud environments will be a fundamental requirement for operating — not just as an IT group but as a business. Applications and users need to be able to interact with data in a platform-independent manner.” 5 By creating a cohesive set of IBM FlashSystem 9100 multi-cloud solutions for our clients, we’ve become differentiated from other vendors in terms of enabling multi-cloud architectures with industry leading software defined storage, advanced All Flash storage technologies, and all with one stop shopping. These solutions are designed to help address performance, cost, flexibility, data availability and data reuse – All in One.

If successfully deploying a hybrid cloud environment is analogous to ‘having your cake’, then multi-cloud data reuse could be ‘eating it too’ – extending the value of a successfully deployed Hybrid Cloud environment. In this way, we can also look to the set of solutions above to help address both a primary technology goal for reliability and efficiency, as well as provide capabilities to help improve business operational efficiency and competitiveness.

To learn more about the today’s announcements, please read the Core of the Data-driven Multi-Cloud Enterprise blog. Watch our on-demand announcement webcast.

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