Want to use the same storage that is used in the world’s smartest and most powerful supercomputer?
IBM Elastic Storage Server(ESS) is the platform that meets both the capacity and performance requirements. ESS provides the storage for the world’s smartest and most powerful supercomputer, the US Department of Energy Summit system.
With the latest ESS 5.3.2 release, you can be a part of this.

The ESS 5.3.2 release now supports 4U106 storage enclosures – the same as the ones used in Summit. This is available in the GLx6 higher capacity models. These enclosures are dense enclosures with 106 drives in 4U of rack space, up to 840 TB of capacity (10TB drives)

Another exciting feature in ESS 5.3.2 is the live upgrade of certain configurations.
It is possible to upgrade some configurations online. If you have a GS1S system, you can add another enclosure and make it a GS2S online.

The permitted MES upgrades are:
GS1S -> GS2S # 2U24 5147-024
GS2S -> GS4S # 2U24 5147-024
GL1S -> GL2S # 5U84 5147-084
GL2S -> GL4S # 5U84 5147-084
GL4S -> GL6S # 5U84 5147-084

It is important to note that the upgrade is possible one level at a time. To upgrade from GL1S to GL4S, it is necessary to first upgrade from GL1S to GL2S and then from GL2S to GL4S.
It is also necessary to convert existing recovery groups using mmvdisk before the upgrade. mmvdisk is the new integrated command suite. It greatly simplifies administration and enforces consistent best practices regarding server, recovery group, vdisk NSD, and file system configuration. Convert all ESS building blocks (not just the MES upgrade building block) in the cluster to mmvdisk management. This can be done using gssgenclusterrgs, before mmvdisk can be used to create new recovery groups in the cluster.

Protocol node upgrades is supported in this release. New 128GB min configuration (1TB max) is available for ordering. EMS and I/O nodes must be updated first. As part of the upgrade, OS, OFED, kernel, systemd, netmanager, tuned are upgraded. Spectrum Scale is not updated as part of this upgrade.

ESS 5.3.2 Deployment:
• Scale + efix (5.0.2-1.0.1).
• Support for RHEL 7.5 in 5.3.2 release with new Kernel(3.10.0-862.14.4.el7), Systemd(219-57.el7_5.3k) and NeworkMgr(1.10.2-16.el7_5).
• Added support for new storage enclosure 4U106 starting 5.3.2.
• mmvdisk support for MES for creating new RGs, vDisks and FS creation.
• Support to upgrade or convert the legacy RGs, vDisks and FS to mmvdisk.
• Support for MES from deployment,
Customer now can convert the GL1S->GL2S->GL4S->GL6S. (No Hybrid MES support).
• Disk HW callhome support for new 4U106 enclosure.
• Metadata/data vdisk combined by default (single pool) (including hybrid).
• mmvdisk and legacy way to support 2 replicas of metadata.
• Client and Server config for 5.3.2.
• FAL support in ESS (RPM inclusion in build).

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