Flash and Hybrid Storage

Being able to take action automatically based on real-time analytics is key to winning the future of IT. IBM FlashSystem solutions give companies the “micro-latency” performance they need to adjust prices, optimize inventory prevent fraud, and more at top speed.

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Software Defined Computing

Software-defined computing helps reduce multiple silos, uneven processing and delayed results that come with diverse users and complex application portfolios.

IBM Spectrum Computing uses intelligent workloads and policy-driven resource scheduling to optimize resources across the data center whether on premises or in the cloud.

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Software Defined Storage

A secure, software-defined storage environment can efficiently extract the most value from the unprecedented volume and variety of data facing your organization. IBM Spectrum Storage leverages hybrid cloud storage and data protection for analytics. Designed to simplify and speed storage management, it scales with data anywhere, and optimizes with multi-brand virtualization, intelligent tiering, and open API support.

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Tape Solutions

IBM is the worldwide tape market share leader offering a full range of tape storage solutions including drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems and Spectrum Archive software which can make tape as easy to use as disk.

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