IBM Spectrum Archive, based on LTFS Enterprise Edition, is a proven, scalable, open format for data on tape. Spectrum Archive integrates as a pool of storage with IBM Spectrum Scale. Spectrum Archive allows direct file system interoperability, with Spectrum Scale serving as the file system interface. LTFS tape becomes a tier of storage that can be targeted by the Information Lifecycle Management of Spectrum Scale.

  • Integrated with Spectrum Scale
  • Compatible as a target with IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS)
  • Direct access through the standard POSIX interface
  • Access file data directly or using NFS, SMB, Object or Hadoop
  • Automated data placement, migration and recall
  • Leverage lowest cost tape storage

Spectrum Archive TCO calculator on®

Spectrum Archive and Tape create lower cost storage for long term data storage. IBM’s new cloud compare tool demonstrates the value tape brings when compared to public clouds for Archive data. Enter your storage requirements and see how tape saves enough in a TCO compare to fund your performance storage.

Meet the Experts

Ed Childers's photo

Ed Childers
IBM Systems, DRI Tucson.

Ed is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM’s Storage Systems Development lab in Tucson, Arizona where he is the Development Manager responsible for IBM’s tape drive and LTFS development.

Ed has a BSME from Univ of Texas and a MSME from Univ of Arizona. He has over 30 years of experience in computer storage technologies starting with floppy disks in the late 70’s, thru HDD and optical storage, to his current responsibilities in magnetic tape storage. He joined the tape development team in 1995 and was a member of IBM’s team creating the open LTO format in the late 90’s. Most recently, Ed was member of the team creating LTFS and introducing as an open standard in the storage industry.

Nils Haustein's photo

Nils Haustein
Executive IT Specialist, EMEA Storage Competence Center @ IBM Germany.Nils joined IBM in 1994 after successfully completing the work for a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University Chemnitz. As storage engineer he has worked in various technical positions at IBM in manufacturing, support, technical pre-sales and professional services. One of Nils’ key focus areas is digital archiving and preservation where he has developed solutions and co-authored the book “Storage Networks explained” (“Speichernetze”). As a leading master inventor at IBM he filed more than 160 patents and coaches other inventors at IBM.

He joined IBM at the San Jose storage development laboratory in CA in 1982, where he began working on storage technology. Mr. Justo has also worked at the Austin development laboratory, and presently working on tape drive technology at the IBM Tucson development site. He has received several corporate awards (prestige award to recognize exceptional technical and business accomplishments) during his career at IBM. He also is an author of several patents and publications.

Khanh Ngo's photo

Khanh Ngo
IBM Systems, IBM Tucson Development Lab. Khanh Ngo is an IBM Senior Engineer and IBM Master Inventor in Tucson, Arizona serving as the Tape FVT Test Architect. He designs the Open Systems functional test strategy, sets the direction for functional testing, and recommends test tools across multiple teams for the tape drive, tape library, and IBM Spectrum Archive (LTFS) products. Many of his tools have been integrated into products as well as customer production environments. He joined IBM in 2000 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Computer Science. Later, he received an MS in Engineering Management. Khanh is currently working on the IBM Spectrum Archive products especially Enterprise Edition (EE) which also includes direct customer involvement (pre-sales, post-sales, implementation, and ongoing relationships).

Takeshi Ishimoto's photo

Takeshi Ishimoto
IBM Systems, Tokyo Software & Systems Development Laboratory.

Mr. Ishimoto is the storage software developer and he is currently in charge of designing the architecture of IBM Spectrum Archive software (as known as Linear Tape File System or LTFS) since 2009. He has been in the storage development since 1999, and had worked on various IBM’s storage subsystem, including DS8000, TS7700, XIV, and SONAS. He joined IBM in 1987 immediately after his graduation with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, and started his career as RAS software developer. Prior to the storage development, he had been developing the firmware and device driver for the mobile device and its operating system, such as ThinkPad, WorkPad, Apple’s PowerBook, and Windows and Linux for PowerPC.

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