IBM® Spectrum LSF (formerly IBM® Platform™ LSF®) is a complete workload management solution for demanding HPC environments. Featuring intelligent, policy-driven scheduling and easy to use interfaces for job and workflow management, it helps organizations to improve competitiveness by accelerating research and design while controlling costs through superior resource utilization.

IBM Spectrum LSF product family includes IBM Spectrum LSF, IBM Spectrum LSF Analytics, IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center, IBM Spectrum LSF Data Manager, IBM Spectrum LSF Explorer, IBM Spectrum LSF License Scheduler, IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager, IBM Spectrum LSF RTM, IBM Spectrum LSF Session Scheduler, and IBM Spectrum MPI.

What it does for you:

  • Reduce operational and infrastructure costs by providing optimal SLA management and greater flexibility, visibility and control of job scheduling.
  • Improve productivity and resource sharing by fully utilizing hardware and application resources, whether they are just down the hall or halfway around the globe.



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