IBM Spectrum Protect solutions:

  • Enable software-defined storage (SDS) environments by delivering file, application, and VM-level data protection for IBM Spectrum Storage and other SDS environments.
  • Extend the native object storage support that is provided by IBM Spectrum Protect to IBM Cloud Object Storage, a reliable and scalable storage platform.
  • Integrate with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V for efficient virtual machine data protection that includes hardware-assisted snapshots, copy management, incremental “forever” backups, and a new self-service restore portal, initially for VMware.
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss by providing frequent snapshots, multisite replication, and disaster recovery management.
  • Reduce the total cost of data protection with built-in efficiency features that can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent, based on IBM assessments using Butterfly software.
  • Benefit from the wide choice of license plans.

IBM Spectrum Protect Live Demo

Anyone can be a data protection expert by using the Operations Center! Even with thousands of systems, virtual machines, and applications over multiple sites, you can quickly verify that your data is protected and identify any trouble spots. Launch the demo to learn more.

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File Restore Demo

By using the IBM Spectrum Protect file restore interface, users can restore their files from an IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware backup without administrator assistance.

This demonstration features a live environment with sample data on a virtual machine backup that you can restore.

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Meet the Experts

Colin Dawson's photo

Colin Dawson has been with IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly IBM Tivoli Storage Manager) since version 1 release 1 in 1993. Through the years, he has worked in many areas of the server with emphasis on inventory management, session protocol, LAN-free data movement, and the database. His current role is server architect with responsibility and oversight for the functional enhancements that are implemented in a given release along with input for future enhancements.

Jim Smith's photo

Jim Smith is an IBM Spectrum Protect architect with responsibilities for the backup-archive client, Data Protection for VMware, IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management, and IBM Spectrum Protect HSM for Windows. Jim has been involved with the ADSM and Tivoli Storage Manager products since their introduction.

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