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IBM Spectrum Symphony logo IBM® Spectrum Symphony, previously known as IBM® Platform™ Symphony, is an enterprise-class grid manager for running distributed application services and data analytics on a scalable, shared, heterogeneous grid. It accelerates dozens of parallel applications, for faster results and better utilization of all available resources, and can help you exceed your performance goals with a fast, efficient grid and analytic computing environment.

Additionally, IBM Spectrum Symphony Developer Edition enables application developers to rapidly develop and test applications without the need for a production grid. After applications are running in IBM Spectrum Symphony Developer Edition, they are guaranteed to run at scale once published to a scaled-out IBM Spectrum Symphony grid.

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  • Faster throughput and performance
  • Higher levels of resource utilization
  • Reduced infrastructure and management costs
  • Reduced application development and maintenance costs
  • The agility to respond instantly to real-time demands
  • Improved management of heterogeneous distributed applications


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