IBM® Spectrum Symphony, previously known as IBM® Platform™ Symphony is an enterprise-class grid manager for running distributed application services and big data analytics on a scalable, shared, heterogeneous grid. It accelerates dozens of parallel applications, for faster results and better utilization of all available resources, and can help you exceed your performance goals with a fast, efficient grid and analytic computing environment.

The latest version of IBM Spectrum Symphony increases scaling and performance, and uses innovative data management technologies to remove data bottlenecks and reduce data movement. Used with the new IBM Application Service Controller add-on for IBM Spectrum Symphony, it also provides enhanced multitenancy and resource management, along with expanded workload management.

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  • Faster throughput and performance
  • Higher levels of resource utilization
  • Reduced infrastructure and management costs
  • Reduced application development and maintenance costs
  • The agility to respond instantly to real-time demands
  • Improved management of heterogeneous distributed applications


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