IBM’s physical tape portfolio provides solutions for diverse performance and capacity requirements. Offering solutions from stand alone tape drives to enterprise ready z Systems attachment, the tape portfolio exceeds the requirements for mission critical insight driven business.


The tape drive products are aligned to offer either an open format with the LTO technology or the enterprise tape technology of TS1100 (also known as 3592). The diverse capability of the different tape drives provides the best solutions for data retention. IBM LTO 7 offers up to 15TB* compressed capacity and up to 750MB per second*. The TS1150 offers up to 30TB** compressed capacity and up to 750MB per second**.

The IBM tape automation family is the most scalable product portfolio in the market. From 20TB to over 7.6 Exabytes of accessible, low cost encryption capable storage.

The entire physical tape portfolio is enabled for integration with Spectrum Archive and Spectrum Protect.

TS1150 Frame Image
  • 4 generations of LTO technology available
  • 2 generations of TS1100 technology available
  • Highest performance and automation density in the market***
  • Secure data at rest with tape based encryption
  • TCO more than 6x better than disk for long term retention of cold data
  • Tape in the Cloud enabled with Spectrum Archive

Spectrum Archive TCO calculator on®

Spectrum Archive and Tape create lower cost storage for long term data storage. IBM’s new cloud compare tool demonstrates the value tape brings when compared to public clouds for Archive data. Enter your storage requirements and see how tape saves enough in a TCO compare to fund your performance storage.


Product Description
IBM TS1155 Enterprise tape drive with up to 15TB of capacity and performance of up to 360MB/s. New TS1155 Tape Drive Model 55E delivers a 10 Gb Ethernet host attachment interface optimized for cloud-based and hyperscale environments.
IBM TS1150 Enterprise tape drive with up to 10TB of capacity and performance of up to 360MB/s
IBM Bridge Boxes Stand-alone tape drives for desktop operations with up to 15TB* of capacity in a single cartridge
IBM TS2900 1U rack mount automation with up to 54TB of storage
IBM TS3100 Desktop or rack mount automation with up to 2 tape drives and 360TB* of storage
IBM TS3200 Desktop or rack mount automation with up to 4 tape drives and 720TB* of storage
IBM TS4300 Desktop or rack mount automation with up to 21 tape drives and 1.6PB of storage
IBM TS3310 Stackable rack mount automation with up to 16 tape drives and 6.25PB* of storage
IBM TS3500 High performance and capacity automation with up to 192 tape drives and up to 20,000 cartridges in a single library. Capable of up to 2880 tape drives and 300,000 cartridges in a single shuttle complex of 15 libraries.
IBM TS4500 High performance, density and capacity automation with up to 128 tape drives and over 29,000 cartridges in a single library

* with 2.5:1 compression

** Note: Based on TS4500 R2 Automation with maximum slot configuration

Meet the Experts

Jim Karp's photo

Jim Karp
Jim Karp completed his BSEE with honors at University of Arizona in 1980, and spent the next 20 years in tape drive development including 3480, 3490, 3590, 3570, Jaguar and LTO drive development work. He has worked on all aspects of tape development including heads, media, logic, servo, as well as the application side.

He received a corporate award for delivery of encryption in 3592 Gen2 in 2008, and has authored over 50 patents. He was promoted to Distinguished engineer in 2010. Recent years include stints in optical disk, subsystems, cloud and virtual tape development.

Javier Justo's photo

Javier Justo
IBM Systems, IBM Tucson Development Laboratory. Mr. Justo is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member for tape storage development and spectrum archive technology. He received a B.S. degree in electrical engineer from San Diego State University school of Engineering and Applied Science in 1982, and also a M.S. in electrical engineer from San Jose Sate University in 1986.

He joined IBM at the San Jose storage development laboratory in CA in 1982, where he began working on storage technology. Mr. Justo has also worked at the Austin development laboratory, and presently working on tape drive technology at the IBM Tucson development site. He has received several corporate awards (prestige award to recognize exceptional technical and business accomplishments) during his career at IBM. He also is an author of several patents and publications.

Said Ahmad's photo

Said Ahmad
IBM Systems. Mr. Ahmad is an IBM Manager in Tape Storage Development. He received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from The University of Arizona in 2000 and joined IBM Storage Division thereafter. He worked as a firmware engineer on both disk and tape storage development for most of his IBM career. He’s been a manager for Tape Drive Development since 2015.

Lee Jesionowski's photo

Lee Jesionowski
Senior Technical Staff Member. Mr. Jesionowski is the lead product architect for IBM’s industry-leading line of tape automation products which are designed in IBM’s Tucson, Arizona development lab. He holds over 70 US patents in the field of data storage.

Mr. Jesionowski received a B.S. Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. His career with IBM started in 1984 in disk storage development in San Jose, CA. He was in optical drive development from 1990-1995 and has been in tape product development since 1995.

Brian Goodman's photo

Brian Goodman
IBM Tucson Development Laboratory. Mr. Goodman is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and is currently the Lead Engineer for storage automation products. He is an IBM Master Inventor with 88 U.S. patents, numerous foreign patents and has published 13 technical disclosures. Mr. Goodman is a Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), a member of the IEEE Standards Association, a member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and a member of PMI (Project Management Institute).

Mr. Goodman enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Minnesota and later transferred to the University of Arizona where he subsequently joined IBM in Tucson Arizona. During his career at IBM, Mr. Goodman has worked on the development of various storage products including re-writable optical disk drives, tape drives, storage control units and tape libraries.


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