IBM TS7700 is an enterprise storage system designed to deliver continuous operations, data security, scalability and deep integration with z Systems with hybrid storage configurations.

TS7700 combines the performance of disk based operations with the capacity and scalability of physical tape to deliver high availability for z Systems storage.

The ability to select a disk only or a hybrid disk-tape configuration provides the flexibility to support high performance workloads at the appropriate storage cost in a Virtual Tape Library.

  • Deep integration with IBM z Systems, delivering optimal data protection
  • Disk only performance with tape scalability for optimal data economics
  • Optimized tiering helps automatically balance performance and cost of data
  • Grid based replication for advance high availability of data
  • An intuitive graphical interface simplifies and centralizes storage management, enabling more effective resource optimization

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Meet the Experts

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Joseph Swingler
Joseph Swingler is a STSM and Master Inventor with IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, based out of the IBM laboratory in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He is currently the chief architect for IBM’s TS7700 Virtualization Engine.

Joe joined IBM in 1999 and started with the virtual tape subsystem team. He began working with ESCON and FICON channel virtualization and eventually became the lead designer of the TS7700 Grid. Joe has since become the lead architect of TS7700 within the Data Retention Infrastructures (DRI) group.

Joe holds a BSEE from Arizona State University.

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Ralph Beeston
IBM Storage Systems, Data Protection & Retention
IBM Tucson Development Laboratory

Ralph is a Senior Software Engineer and developer of the TS7700 family of products. Ralph joined Data Retention Infrastructures in 1988. He is a Master Inventor, authoring or co-authoring over 20 patents or technical papers.

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Larry Fuss
IBM Storage Systems, Data Protection & Retention

Larry Fuss is the Offering Manager for IBM’s virtual tape solutions. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Tulsa in 1978, and has worked in the IT industry ever since. He joined IBM in 1999 and moved to the Storage brand in 2005 as a Product Manager.


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