We are always looking for ways to make Streams easier and more productive for our developers!¬† Streams Quick Start edition was the¬† first step — we wanted to make¬† Streams available at no charge without technical limitations so you can prove how much value it brings you and your company.¬† The streamsDev community was the second step — we wanted to have a place to share deep technical content and exchange ideas with an interactive forum.¬†¬† But now we are going much further!

We have started an organization on GitHub called IBMStreams.  This will be a place for our rapidly growing developer community to create, share, and extend Streams toolkits.   Not only that, but the Streams product development team will be moving a set of toolkits that currently ship with the product to the repository and doing all of the development for those toolkits in the open from now on.   Additionally, we will be proposing and sponsoring new toolkits that can evolve very quickly with community feedback and support.

Here are the first few open source projects we are sponsoring in the IBMStreams organization:

  • toolkits — The umbrella project for the IBMStreams organization toolkit projects. This project will be used to manage the toolkit projects. If you have a proposal for a new toolkit or operators you can make it here.
  • streamsx.inet — this toolkit is focused on interacting with network hosted data and will start with the current com.ibm.streams.inet toolkit from the product.¬† The initial operator, InetSource, retrieves text-based data from remote locations on the Internet or intranet including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, and file.
  • streamsx.messaging –this toolkit is focused on interacting with popular messaging systems such as JMS, XMS, and MQTT and will start with many of the operators from com.ibm.streams.messaging in the product.¬† We will also be creating a completely new¬† MQTT operator based on the Java client library.
  • resourceManagers — this project is focused on running Streams with popular resource managers.¬† The first resource manager that is supported by the project is YARN. With this project, it is now possible to run Streams within a Hadoop V2.2 cluster using the YARN framework.

Beyond these new projects, there are also repositories for tutorials and samples.   We expect to move other product toolkits and create new toolkits over time in addition to those that are created by the community.

There are some great benefits to the IBMStreams toolkit repository that will help developers tremendously in the following ways:

  • Share your deep expertise with the community
  • See how mature toolkits have been built
  • Use existing toolkits as a starting point for new toolkits and extend operators with special features needed for your project without starting from scratch
  • Benefit from toolkit advancements that are not in the Streams product

We encourage you to check out the community and get involved!  We have put in place an open governance structure similar to other open source projects, so it will be straightforward to contribute to existing projects, propose new projects, and become a project leader.  And with the Streams Quick Start edition, you have  all of the tools you need to get started.

Please tell us what you think and what other product toolkits you would like to see in the community next!

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  1. YifatYulevich March 26, 2014

    Congratulations !!!

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