Do you have a Streams application that you’re interested in running in the cloud?

If your application reads from the local disk or creates new files, then using one of the Object Storage services on Bluemix and the new toolkit could be the solution to make your files available in the cloud.

With Object Storage, your unstructured data is stored in a scalable, multi-tenant cloud environment.

You can now use the new Object Storage toolkit to access objects in Object Storage from Streams.  It provides the following features:

  • Create/Delete bucket (S3)/container (Swift)
  • Put/Get object
  • Delete object
  • List objects

The toolkit  supports Object Storage services with S3 API or Swift API like the Object Storage service  and the paid IBM Cloud Object Storage service.  It is open source and available on GitHub.

Try it out

Samples demonstrating how to use each of the operators and functions can be found in the samples directory in the Object storage toolkit repository.

Download the toolkit from GitHub, and then follow these instructions on the wiki page to:


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