For people with diabetes, monitoring their glucose levels is a necessary part of daily life. Medtronic, a global healthcare solutions company is using Streams and IBM Watson Health to make it easier for patients with diabetes to manage their condition.
Medtronic is building a mobile personal assistant called Sugar.IQ With Watson that will provide real time coaching for patients with diabetes. The goal is to use Streams to analyze potentially millions of data points from medical devices and extract useful insights for patients. By learning from glucose readings, sleep, diet, exercise, and other behavior patterns, it can make predictions and give advice to patients. This personalized advice will help patients make better glucose-related decisions, reduce costs and avoid hospital visits. For example, it would be able to tell a patient whether or not it is a good idea to have pasta for lunch, based on their current readings, how much sleep they’ve gotten and how they were affected by a similar meal in the past. All of this will contribute to improved quality of life.

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