Are you a Python developer who’s looking to get started quickly and easily with IBM Streams? If so, then Streams’ new online course, Streaming Analytics Basics for Python Developers is tailored especially to you!

A Quick Start with Streams

Traditionally, Streams programs are written in the Streams Processing Language (SPL).¬† The Streams Python Application API has been made available to allow developers to use Streams without having to learn SPL.¬† This new developerWorks course teaches you how to use the API to create Streams applications in Python. You’ll combine the powers of Streams and Python to create a healthcare application that monitors patients’ vital signs in real time.

Your application will be built in a Python notebook on IBM’s Data Science Experience. That means that you don’t have to download or install any software to complete this course!

What You Will Learn

Skills taught in this course include building Streams applications in Python, navigating the Streams Console to monitor your applications, and manipulating your data with operations like filters and stateful transformations. You’ll also learn how to connect your application to an external data source, and to send streaming data to external applications.

Once you complete the course, you will earn a developerWorks badge to show your proficiency with Streams and Python.

There’s no quicker way for a Python developer to get into Streams than this course. Enjoy, and Happy Streaming!

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