The console in the Streaming Analytics service in Bluemix has been updated with the following enhancements.

Simplified application graphs for Python and Java applications

The console has been updated to improve the display of application graphs for Python or Java topologies. To make it easier to understand the application graph, some related operations are grouped into a single node, and helper operators that are not part of the streams flow are hidden.

Example: Application graph for a Python application in earlier versions of the console with multiple nodes for publish and subscribe.

Example: Simplified graph of the same application. The publish and subscribe operators are grouped together.

To see the complete Python code, go to:

You can always switch back to a graph view that shows the hidden and grouped operators. Select Show raw graph when you configure the Streams graph.

Find information from log files quickly

Previously, when you wanted to view the PE and operator log files, you had to manually find the desired PE or operator in the Log Viewer tree. Now you can quickly view or download the log files for individual PEs or operators.

Use the log files for troubleshooting your applications. Find where problems originate and what caused them. You’ll find the download and view links in the applicable panels in the user interface. For example, in the Streams Tree, the Streams Graph, etc.

Download the log files or view the logs in your browser.

1 comment on"Enhancements to the Streaming Analytics service console for October 2017"

  1. Brian M Williams October 19, 2017

    Looks great. Can’t wait for it to be in the on-prem version.

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