More and more organizations have applications that are generating continuous streams of data. It could be click streams, event logs, sensor readings, GPS location data of vehicles, or data from Internet of Things devices.  Adding real time analytics can help you gain insights on your data as it is generated.  For example, you could build a location based loyalty program that will provide offers to participants based on their proximity to certain retailers.  You can build such an application quickly using the new Streams Designer, a drag and drop IDE for building applications with real time data.

With this new IDE, you create your application by  connecting different operators.  An operator can be a data source or sink such as MessageHub, DB2, or Redis. There are also analytics operators like the Aggregate  and Geofence operators, or you could add  your own custom Python code.

The screenshot below shows a pipeline that ingests data from MessageHub and uses the Geofence operator to detect when a customer is within certain proximity to the JFK Airport. When the customer is nearby, it will send an alert describing an ongoing promotion to the customer via MessageHub.

See the data in motion

This animation shows the running pipeline. You can observe how quickly events are being processed, and even see the raw data as it flows through the pipeline.

Get Started

UPDATE: Get started by following the Streams Designer roadmap

Streams Designer is currently in Beta in the IBM Watson Data Platform. If you don’t have a Watson Data Platform account, sign up here.   Then select Streams Designer from the Tools menu or add it to an existing project.

Read the full annoucement on Medium to learn more.

Streams Designer documentation


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