The Streaming Analytics service has been updated with new v2 service plans.  These plans utilize a new Kubernetes based infrastructure and include multiple enhancements in the console and runtime.

Read the Streaming Analytics documentation for more on these new plans.

The plans also include new features in the console to help you quickly find and fix errors in your applications.

New Application Errors card helps you pinpoint application problems faster

Previously to find an application error, you would view the messages in the Log Viewer or download the logs. Now you can use the console’s new Application Errors card in the Application Dashboard to quickly see the errors. The Application Errors card shows a synopsis and a sortable list of the messages.

Application Errors card

Select the application monitoring alerts that are important to you

The console now displays alerts that have links to the corresponding job, the Log Viewer, and the new Application Errors card. You can specify which kinds of error conditions trigger the alerts in the General Settings for Streams Console, which you access from the clock icon in the upper-right of the screen. You can also access the settings from any pop-up alert.

Example alert

General Settings with Application Monitoring options

Quickly locate which operators are causing job failures and why

In the Streams graph, a red exclamation point on the operator icon warns you that the operator is causing a job failure. For a Source or a Sink operator, the failure can be due to the loss of an external connection.

Hover your mouse over the operator to view the error message.

Streams graph with alerts for operators

Specify a baseline from which to view PE launch counts

PE launch counts are the number of times that a PE has been restarted due to application failures. Viewing the PE launch counts helps you understand the health of your application. Previously, you could only view the PE launch counts since submission time. Now you can set a baseline and an interval.

To set the baseline and interval, go to the Application Dashboard, select the Summary card. Click Settings (gear icon), and then click the Visualization Settings tab.

Summary card settings for PE launch count baseline and interval


What’s next

  1. Visit the Streaming Analytics page in the IBM Cloud catalog and create a Streams instance using one of the v2 service plans.
  2. Run one of our Starter and Sample Applications for Streaming Analytics V2 Service Plans, or develop and run your own Streams app by following our Streaming Analytics Development Guide for IBM Cloud.

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  2. […] determination enhancements in the Streams Console– See Nancy Weir’s post on Streamsdev for a detailed description of these […]

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