Have you ever tried to import a toolkit or sample application as a project into Streams Studio,  but Streams Studio did not recognize it?

This usually happens when trying to import the sample¬† using the “Import” > “Existing projects into Workspace” action if the toolkit or sample was not set up as a Streams Studio project. Thus,¬† it does not include a¬†.project¬†file,¬† and so the¬† project does not appear in the dialog:

There are two ways to work around this problem:

  • If the toolkit or sample folder contains a info.xml¬†file, you can import it using the Import SPL Projects wizard. See the step by step instructions in the Knowledge Center¬†.
  • If it does not have a info.xml¬†file, for example if it is just a folder with a few SPL files, you can still import it with little effort:
    • ¬†File > New Project > New SPL Project.
    • Uncheck the Use default location box and browse¬† to the location on the filesystem of the folder containing the SPL resources you want to import as a project. Set the project name to the same name as the toolkit:
    • Click¬†Next and uncheck any toolkits you do not want to include as dependencies, then click Finish.

The toolkit will be imported into Studio, but remain in the same directory on the file system from where it was imported:


Now you’re ready to work with or run this sample in Streams Studio.


Hope you’ve found this useful!

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