We have just released the first IBM Streams Speech-To-Text toolkit update package on Fix Central. It includes a complete toolkit for the latest IBM Streams release, bundled in a simple one-package download. Going forward, this new delivery model will allow us to provide our clients with updates and new functions much faster than before – independent of IBM Streams release schedules.

You can download the packages from the Fix Central server and subscribe for further IBM Streams updates.

Package content

This v4.3.0.3201 release package is created for IBM Streams 4.3.0 and all product fixes for that version.

It contains the toolkit v3.2.0 with the speech-to-text engine v4.3.0.


IBM Streams Speech-To-Text Toolkit pack includes a complete Speech-To-Text toolkit. You can use the toolkit pack to upgrade the Speech-To-Text toolkit in the Streams Version 4.3.0 and all product fixes for that version. You can bind the toolkit, that the pack includes, by using the Streams Studio, by using streams compiler flag, by setting the environment variable, or by specifying a toolkits list file.


  1. Extract the content of the Speech-To-Text Toolkit package file.

    For example, to extract the contents of the fix pack on an x86 (64-bit) RHEL 7 system in your repository, for example: $HOME/workspace/toolkits, enter the following commands:

    mkdir $HOME/workspace/toolkits
    tar -zxvf -C $HOME/workspace/toolkits
  2. Bind toolkits in Streams.

Removal if necessary: If you want to remove the Speech-To-Text Toolkit pack from your environment then delete the pack from the repository on the file system.


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