A new June 2019 release of IBM Streams toolkits is available for download on FixCentral. This package contains the complete set of specialized product toolkits.

You can download it from Fix Central

What’s new?

We continually provide new features and improvements to offer the new functionality, stability, security and privacy in out toolkits.

Here are the most interesting changes:

  • com.ibm.streams.cybersecurity:
    Code security update.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.jdbc:
    The JDBCRun operator provides a new parameter idleSessionTimeOut.
    Supports two new application configuration properties: keyStorePassword and trustStorePassword
  • com.ibm.streamsx.kafka:
    The included Kafka client has been upgraded from version 2.1.1 to 2.2.1.
    Support for Kafka broker 2.2 has been added.
    Other features and corrections.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messagehub:
    The included Kafka client has been upgraded from version 2.1.1 to version 2.2.1. This is the newest Kafka client recommended by Event Streams.
    Other features and corrections.
  • com.ibm.streams.teda:
    The com.ibm.streams.teda.ExceptionCatcher operator is deprecated.

List of toolkits

This is the list of the specialized product toolkits, that this IBM Streams Toolkits pack includes.

  • com.ibm.streams.cep: v2.1.1
  • com.ibm.streams.cybersecurity: v2.1.2 update
  • com.ibm.streams.dataexplorer: v2.1.1
  • com.ibm.streams.db: v2.3.0
  • com.ibm.streams.financial: v2.1.6
  • com.ibm.streams.geospatial: v3.3.2
  • com.ibm.streams.mining: v2.2.0
  • com.ibm.streams.pmml: v2.1.0
  • com.ibm.streams.rproject: v2.1.2
  • com.ibm.streams.rules: v2.1.2
  • com.ibm.streams.rulescompiler: v1.2.19
  • com.ibm.streamsx.avro: v1.2.2
  • com.ibm.streamsx.datetime: v1.2.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.dps: v4.0.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.elasticsearch: v2.1.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.eventstore: v2.0.3
  • com.ibm.streamsx.hbase: v3.6.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.hdfs: v4.4.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.inet: v3.1.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.iot: v1.2.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.jdbc: v1.7.0 update
  • com.ibm.streamsx.jms: v1.1.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.json: v1.5.2
  • com.ibm.streamsx.kafka: v2.0.0 update
  • com.ibm.streamsx.mail: v2.0.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messagehub: v2.0.1 update
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messaging: v5.4.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.mqtt: v1.0.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.network: v3.2.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.objectstorage: v1.9.2
  • com.ibm.streamsx.rabbitmq: v1.2.1
  • com.ibm.streamsx.sparkMLLib: v1.2.0
  • com.ibm.streamsx.topology: v1.12.10
  • com.ibm.streams.teda: v2.2.2 update
  • com.ibm.streams.text: v2.3.2
  • com.ibm.streams.timeseries: v5.0.1


Streams Toolkits packs include a complete set of the specialized product toolkits, except Speech-To-Text toolkit. You can use the toolkits pack to upgrade Streams Version You can bind the toolkits, that the pack includes, by using the Streams Studio, by using streams compiler option, by setting the environment variable, or by specifying a toolkits list file.


  1. Extract the contents of the Streams Toolkits pack package files.
  2. For example, to extract the contents of the fix pack on an x86 (64-bit) RHEL 7 system in your repository, for example: $HOME/workspace/toolkits, enter the following commands:
    mkdir $HOME/workspace/toolkits
    tar -zxvf -C $HOME/workspace/toolkits
  3. Bind toolkits in Streams.

Remark: The original product toolkits are still available in the $STREAMS_INSTALL/toolkits folder.

Removal if necessary: If you want to remove the Streams Toolkits pack from your environment then delete the pack from the repository on the file system.

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