The June release of IBM Cloud Pak for Data makes it even easier to add streaming analytics to your data. While it includes a number of enhancements, here are the top 2 highlights:

  1. Support for IBM Db2 Event Store 2.0 with the updated streamsx.eventstore toolkit.
  2. Better manage running Streams applications, or jobs with the beta release of Interactive Problem Determination (IPD) tools.

Highlights of the new Streams graph

–  Monitor tuple flow rate to see how quickly (or slowly) data is being processed:

–  Easily observe congestion and other flow rate issues: Streams in the graph are colour coded, as shown below:


View live data streams:


Pin system and custom metrics: If your application computes custom metrics, those are also easily accessible. For example, the application below keeps track of the current number of sensors that are reporting data and the average temperature reported by all sensors.















Pinpoint where errors have occurred:

In addition to the above tasks, you can also

  • Enable tracing and download PE and operator logs.
  • Download a sample of streaming data as a CSV file.
  • Restart processing elements and view nested graphs.

Try it

To try out the new graph in your Streams instance, go to My instances > Jobs, select the job you want to view, and click View graph.

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