A new release of the streamsx.inetserver toolkit is available. Release 4.0.0 (v4.0.0) provides support HTTP- and Websocket-Server functions and may be used for REST protocol and web socket protocol applications. The function of the toolkit is based on an embedded open source jetty webserver (eclipse jetty). The toolkit is updated to a recent release (9.4.18.v20190429) of the jetty webserver, deprecated interfaces are replaced, the tests are completed and the documentation is improved. The implementation of the websocket operators has been changed to use the jetty websocket library.

The toolkit contains the following operators:
* HTTPBLOBInjection
* HTTPJSONInjection
* HTTPTupleInjection
* HTTPXMLInjection
* HTTPTupleView
* WebContext
* HTTPRequestProcess
* WebSocketInject
* WebSocketSend

HTTPS (SSL/TLS encryption) is supported but not enabled by default. For a higher security level client certificates are configurable.

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