A new release of IBM Streams toolkits is available for download on FixCentral. This package contains the complete set of specialized product toolkits.

You can download Streams Toolkits pack from Fix Central

What’s new?

We continually provide new features and improvements to offer the new functionality, stability, security and privacy in our toolkits.

Here are the most interesting changes:

  • com.ibm.streams.geospatial v3.3.4:
    Bugfix & security updates.
  • com.ibm.streams.pmml v3.0.0:
    Change authentication parameter for WML service. It supports only IAM authentication. Replacement of the authentication parameters.
    Support SPSS internal field names for output mapping
    Support ResonCode ouptut feature for target-feature mapping
    Update SPSS library for bug fixes.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.eventstore v2.2.0:
    Globalisation of messages
  • com.ibm.streamsx.hbase v3.8.0:
    The support : HBASE version 1.4.10, HADOOP version 3.1.0 and ZOOKEEPER version 3.4.14.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.hdfs v5.0.0:
    A new operator HDFS2FileCopy provided.
    Supports for new parameters: credentials and appConfigName
    Support for HDP 2.x and HDP 3.x file systems.
    KNOX support for HttpURLConnection.
    Support Hadoop version 3.1.0 libraries.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.inetserver 4.1.0:
    Update for HTTPTupleView – a flexible partition with attribute name in the REST query url
  • com.ibm.streamsx.jms v1.2.2:
    Resolved single attribute issue for message class text.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.kafka v2.1.0:
    Update for consumer and producer defaults.
    A new optional operator parameter sslDebug.
    Support for Kafka broker version 2.3.
    Other bug fixes.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messagehub v2.1.0:
    Release to support com.ibm.streamsx.kafka v2.1.0.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.network v3.2.2:
    Updates at IPv6 helper functions.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.objectstorage v1.11.0:
    The ObjectStorageSource and S3ObjectStorageSource operators are able to forward the “objectname” attribute from the input stream.
    Support HMAC keys in application configuration
    New parameter sslEnabled has been added to configure the connection to S3 (HTTPS / HTTP).
  • com.ibm.streamsx.topology: 1.13.5:
    Python 3.7 support.
    Updates for Cloud Pak for Data in python functionality, java and REST bindings
    Binary portability for sab files.
    Documentation updates.
    Support for Streaming Analytics service instances configured with Python 3.6.
  • com.ibm.streams.speech2text v3.6.0:
    Update for support of the speech-to-text engine v4.8.1
    This toolkit is not included in the Streams Toolkits pack. You can download the packages from the Fix Central server and subscribe for further IBM Streams updates.
  • Usage

    Streams Toolkits packs and the Speech2Text toolkit include a complete set of the specialized product toolkits. You can use the packs to upgrade Streams Version 4.3.x. You can bind the toolkits, that the packs include, by using the Streams Studio, by using streams compiler option, by setting the environment variable, or by specifying a toolkits list file.

    Unpacking Streams Toolkits pack:

    1. Extract the contents of the Streams Toolkits pack package files.
    2. For example, to extract the contents of the fix pack on an x86 (64-bit) RHEL 7 system in your repository, for example: $HOME/workspace/toolkits, enter the following commands:
      mkdir $HOME/workspace/toolkits
      tar -zxvf -C $HOME/workspace/toolkits
    3. Bind toolkits in Streams.

    Unpacking Speech2Text toolkit:

    1. Extract the content of the Speech-To-Text Toolkit package file.

      For example, to extract the contents of the fix pack on an x86 (64-bit) RHEL 7 system in your repository, for example: $HOME/workspace/toolkits, enter the following commands:

      mkdir $HOME/workspace/toolkits
      tar -zxvf -C $HOME/workspace/toolkits
    2. Bind toolkits in Streams.

    Remark: The original product toolkits are still available in the $STREAMS_INSTALL/toolkits folder.

    Removal if necessary: If you want to remove the Streams Toolkits pack or the Speech2Text toolkit from your environment then delete the pack from the repository on the file system.

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