A new release of IBM Streams toolkits is available for download on FixCentral. This package contains the complete set of specialized product toolkits.

You can download Streams Toolkits pack from Fix Central

What’s new?

We continually provide new features and improvements to offer the new functionality, stability, security and privacy in our toolkits.

Here are the most interesting changes:

  • com.ibm.streamsx.avro v1.3.0:
    Resolved vulenaribility issue.
    Update to Avro version 1.9.1.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.hdfs v5.1.0:
    When the parameter configPath is set, it checks if the core-site.xml file exists in the configPath directory.
    When the parameter credFile is set, it checks if the credentials file exists and it reads the JSON string from credentials file.
    It possible to use user or hdfsUser in credentials.
    It possible to use password or hdfsPassword in credentials.
    It possible to use webhdsf or hdfsUri in credentials.
    The jackson-annotations.2.9.9.jar has been added to the pom.xml.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.inetserver v4.3.0:
    Enhancement: New parameter sslAppConfigName to get the SSL server key/certificate and the client trust material from Streams application configuration with this name.
    Fixed: Operators can not load trustStore file if path is not an absolute one
    Enhancement: Parameter contextResourceBase is now independent from parameter context
    Enhancement in description for generation of client certificate which can be used in a browser
  • com.ibm.streamsx.jms v2.0.0:
    Introduce new classLibs parameter
    Change parameters ending in AttrName to end in AttributeName
    Handle jmsHeaderProperties as list of strings
    Roll back redundant instance variable initialization
  • com.ibm.streamsx.kafka v2.2.1:
    A new optional operator parameter sslDebug. For debugging SSL issues see also the toolkit documentation.
    A changed default values for following consumer and producer configurations:

    • client.dns.lookup = use_all_dns_ips
    • reconnect.backoff.max.ms = 10000 (Kafka’s default is 1000)
    • reconnect.backoff.ms = 250 (Kafka’s default is 50)
    • retry.backoff.ms = 500 (Kafka’s default is 100)

    Changed exception handling for the KafkaProducer when not used in a consistent region: #163 (comment)
    Bugs fixed in this release:

    • KafkaProducer’s exception handling makes the operator lose tuples when in CR
    • On reset() the KafkaProducerOperator should instantiate a new producer instance
    • Resource leak in KafkaProducer when reset to initial state in a CR
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messagehub v2.2.1:
    This toolkit version is based on the streamsx.kafka bugfix release 2.2.1, which fixes loss of output tuples on the optional status port of the Producer operator when the input port receives a FinalMarker.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.messaging v5.4.2:
    Update to latest snapshot version (v1.2.1) of Paho MQTT library, because of a reportet vulnerability.
    Correct error in connection document example.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.mqtt v1.0.2:
    Update to latest snapshot version (v1.2.1) of Paho MQTT library, because of a reportet vulnerability.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.network v3.3.0:
    The PacketContentAssembler operator does not depend anymore on environment variable STREAMS_ADAPTERS_ISS_PAM_DIRECTORY at build and run time.
    The Packet Analysis Module (PAM) library can be added to the application bundle and the location can be set with the parameters pamLibrary and pamInclude.
    The IPAddressLocation operator: New parameter initOnTuple added in order to initialize the operator with loading the geography files on the first tuple and not during operator startup.
    The IPAddressLocation operator supports dynamic loading of MaxMind database triggered by a tuple on control port.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.objectstorage v2.0.0:
    Upgraded to IBM COS SDK v2.4.3 (used by protocol “cos”)
    Upgraded to AWS S3 SDK v1.11.199 (used by protocol “s3a”)
    The s3a protocol requires HMAC keys for authentication
    The operator parameters IAMApiKey, IAMServiceInstanceId and IAMTokenEndpoint are removed. Use the credentials parameter instead.
    Third-party lib updated to resolve security vulnerability CVE-2019-12402 (commons-compress: 1.19)
    The ObjectStorageSource and S3ObjectStorageSource operators are able to forward the objectname attribute from the input stream.
  • com.ibm.streamsx.topology v1.13.14:
    Several correction and updates – follow the releases on github: Topology Release on GitHub
    Updates for reported vulnerability.
  • Usage

    Streams Toolkits packs include a complete set of the specialized product toolkits. You can use the packs to upgrade Streams Version 4.3.x. You can bind the toolkits, that the packs include, by using the Streams Studio, by using streams compiler option, by setting the environment variable, or by specifying a toolkits list file.

    Unpacking Streams Toolkits pack:

    1. Extract the contents of the Streams Toolkits pack package files.
    2. For example, to extract the contents of the fix pack on an x86 (64-bit) RHEL 7 system in your repository, for example: $HOME/workspace/toolkits, enter the following commands:
      mkdir $HOME/workspace/toolkits
      tar -zxvf -C $HOME/workspace/toolkits
    3. Bind toolkits in Streams.

    Remark: The original product toolkits are still available in the $STREAMS_INSTALL/toolkits folder.

    Removal if necessary: If you want to remove the Streams Toolkits pack from your environment then delete the pack from the repository on the file system.

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