James Cancilla

Advisory Software Engineer,

I am member of the IBM Streams development team.

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Improving Application Throughput When Consuming From Kafka

In this article I will demonstrate a technique to improve the overall throughput of a Streams application that is consuming messages from Kafka. I will...

SSL Support Added to RabbitMQ Operators

Securing connections via SSL is a requirement in many application solutions where sensitive data is being transmitted across the network. In this article, I will...

Introducing the Message Hub Toolkit

Introduction The Message Hub toolkit has been developed to enable developers to quickly and easily connect Streams applications to the¬†IBM¬ģ Message Hub service.¬†

Introducing the Kafka Toolkit

The new Kafka Toolkit enables Streams applications to easily integrate with Apache Kafka. This enables Streams applications to subscribe and publish to Kafka topics with...

Introducing the Watson Explorer Toolkit

The new Watson Explorer toolkit enables IBM Streams applications to integrate with the Watson Explorer platform.

Cybersecurity Toolkit – What’s New!

Cybersecurity Toolkit – What’s New! The Cybersecurity Toolkit provides operators that are capable of analyzing DNS response records. The operators in this toolkit use machine...

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