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Streaming Analytics Airport Sentiment Demo

This article describes a demo application that runs on the Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service in the cloud. It uses a Streams Application to read...

Streaming Analytics RSS Text Analytics Demo

Download and deploy this RSS Text Analytics Demo to the Streaming Analytics Service in IBM Bluemix™ within minutes. Then start building your own streaming application.

Support for SPSS Analytics Toolkit in Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service

The Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service provides support for the SPSS Analytics Toolkit. With this support, your Streams application can perform in-stream predictive scoring using...

Bluemix Streaming Analytics Starter Application

This tutorial explains how to obtain, run, and extend a starter application that is written in Liberty for Java™ and that uses the Streaming Analytics...

IBM SPSS and Streams FAQ

Learn about SPSS and Streams Integration. Why should you? What you need? And tutorial information.

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