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Roadmap for Streaming Analytics Service on Bluemix

Follow this roadmap to learn about the IBM Streaming Analytics Service on Bluemix.

Getting your SPL application ready for the cloud

This article describes SPL application constructs and patterns that may function differently in the cloud, and provides advice on how to make SPL applications that...

Introduction to the Bluemix Streaming Analytics Service

IBM Streaming Analytics is available on Bluemix (www.bluemix.net). Streaming Analytics is built upon the IBM Streams technology. Streams is an advanced analytic platform...

What’s New in the 2nd Streaming Analytics Beta Refresh

This post describes the enhancements included in this beta refresh. We have upgraded to Streams 4.0.1, which comes with a lot of great new features....

What’s New in the Streaming Analytics Beta Refresh

We have updated the Streaming Analytics service in Bluemix today! This update introduced two exciting features: SPSS Analytics Toolkit Support and a new...

Introduction to Bluemix Streaming Analytics

Perform in-stream analytics by running IBM Streams applications in the Bluemix cloud.

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Monitor mobile devices with the Geospatial Analytics service

Obtain, run, and extend a Node.js starter application that uses the Bluemix Geospatial Analytics service.…