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Get started with Streams Designer by following this roadmap

This post has a series of videos and articles to help you go from getting started with Streams Designer to creating your own applications.

Calculate moving averages on real time data with Streams Designer

Many organizations are taking advantage of the continuous streams of data being generated by their devices, employees, customers, and more. You can use streaming analytics...

Quickly create Streams applications using the new Streams Designer

More and more organizations have applications that are generating continuous streams of data. It could be click streams, event logs, sensor readings, GPS location data...

Try out the Streams Runner for Apache Beam

This post has a series of videos to help you get started with the Streams Runner for Apache Beam.

Add centralized analytics to data from IoT devices using the new Streams IoT starter kit

If you have IoT devices running Apache Edgent, you might want to perform centralized analytics on the data from the devices with Streams. The Streams...

Demo: Detect malfunctioning IoT sensors

Imagine that your organization has smart devices in various locations. To gain insights from the data generated by those devices, you need to send all...

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