Queenie Ma


Queenie Ma is a developer in the IBM Streams Console development team.

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READ: Developer Playground for Real-time Visual Analytics

Learn how to use the READ toolkit to rapidly create real-time visualizations of data produced by Streams applications.

Configuring job submissions using Streams Console

Learn about the new submission-time job configuration capabilities introduced in Streams Console V4.2.

What’s new in IBM Streams Console V4.2

IBM Streams Console V4.2 is now available! We incorporated feedback and suggestions from Streams customers and developers to provide a number of new enhancements and...

Configuring Kerberos authentication for Streamtool, Domain Manager, and Streams Console

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Kerberos authentication for three IBM Streams interfaces for the current user. The interfaces are: Streams Console,...

Getting Started with Apache Quarks on Raspberry Pi

The second Google+ Hangout hosted by the Quarks team yesterday went really well! In the first portion of the presentation, we showed how you can...

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